November 24, 2014
Niles Nerd

SSL Certificates FREE With All Hosting Packages

Many people have started commenting on the lack of privacy we have on the Internet these days. Without a doubt, Edward Snowden’s revelations have brought online privacy to the forefront of public discussion, though this has been a growing issue for years. Quite frankly, everything we do on the Internet today is known in quite incredible detail by various governments law enforcement agencies and many large private companies.

One thing we all can do is encrypt our traffic on the world wide web (WWW) by using only SSL-secured websites.  Unfortunately, most website do not offer their sites over SSL.  A non-secured website is served via https://<sitename>, but a secured website is served via https://<sitename>. The fact is, a SSL certificate can be quite expensive, and quite complicated for most websites to install. Thus, most do not have them.

Starting today, Nerds On Site is announcing that all our hosting clients will get a free wild-card SSL certificate for their website.  Previously, we charged our clients $12/month for a certificate, but now all our clients will have access to them completely free. Any of our clients that have existing certificates will continue to have them, but will no longer be charged for them.

Starting in January, we will offer an option to our clients to ‘Force SSL’.  This feature will automatically redirect your site’s visitors to the SSL secured version of your site.  This will ensure that all traffic to your site will be encrypted, and not possible to read and intercept.

We all need to do our part to increase our privacy online, and now all our clients will be able to offer their visitors an encrypted experience for no extra money!

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