May 7, 2012
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Some Canadian Companies Lacking Proper Security Measures to Protect Personal Data

- Nerds On Site A recent story in the Windsor Star highlights the need for improve security measures at Canadian companies. Simply having passwords is not enough.
All companies use passwords, but nearly half do not require that they are difficult to guess, and almost a third of companies never require employees regularly change their passwords.
“Using passwords is like locking your front door,” the Privacy Commissioner said in a statement. “They can be a very simple and effective way to protect valuable personal information, but simply setting a password is not enough to thwart today’s savvy online criminals — passwords must to be complex and dynamic.”
Personal information, such as passwords, aren’t just stored on servers and personal computers anymore. A good portion can be found on USB stick, laptops, and tablets.
“Roughly half of the businesses that reported using portable devices, such as laptops, USB sticks and tablets,” the Windsor Star explains. “Portable devices are more likely to fall into the wrong hands by being lost or stolen.”
If personal data is stored on a personal device, using encryption is a must. If you are unsure of the steps that need to be taken to encrypt your data, ask a Nerd! Alternatively, having a password that is so complicated that you need to write it on a piece of paper by your computer defeats the purpose. It is better to associate your password with a word, or string of words.
Taking steps to protect the personal data on devices, whether they be workstations or smartphones, is essential in today’s business world. If you would like more information on other steps you can take, give us a call today at 1-877-MY-NERDS!

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Artile: Some Canadian Companies Lacking Proper Security Measures to Protect Personal Data

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