February 11, 2012
Niles Nerd

Skype Voicemail Scam Making the Rounds

[this post is from Barry Ball, a Nerd in Woodstock, Canada]
Most of us are likely familiar with the phone scams where people pretend to be from Microsoft or whoever and try to talk the user into letting them connect remotely to their computer.
I witnessed a new twist on this recently.  While I was working on a system, Skype started ringing.  It was a prerecorded message saying their computer protection had expired, and telling them to go to a website to renew the protection.  I assured my client this is a scam, and blocked future calls from the same caller (though I expect them to use many names).
Software and other support companies will NOT contact you this way. If you receive this kind of message, trust your instincts. If it feels suspicious, then it is. Ignore the message, delete the voicemail, and block the caller.