February 28, 2013
Niles Nerd

Should I Install a Cache Plugin for WordPress?

iStock000018627043XSmall - Nerds On Site The speed of your website is extremely important to keep clients on your site and coming back to your site.  Caching performs a valuable service in speeding up your website, by caching regularly used objects (such as photos) in order to load them as quickly as possible.  Thus, you may consider installing a caching plugin for your WordPress website, all with the goal of speeding up your website.
If your website is hosted with Nerds On Site Business hosting, our team would recommend against installing any WordPress caching plugins.  All our Business hosting clients are already served by a Content Delivery Network and caching service.  This is integrated into your account alreaady, and far more powerful than any WordPress caching plugin could be.  By installing a WordPress caching plugin, you may actually increase the load times of your website.  In addition, our team recommends keeping the  number of plugins installed in your WordPress site to the absolute minimum necessary for your site.  The more plugins you install, the greater the complexity of your site, the slower it will run and the more vulnerable to hackers your site will be.
To read more about our integrated CDN, click here.

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