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Scheduled Maintenance on Mail Systems

Amazon Web Services has just informed us that they will be performing maintenance on the underlying system that our mail server runs on, thus interrupting all mail processes.  They have scheduled this maintenance for 6PM EST (Toronto/New York) on June 16, which is next week Friday.
Our team regrets that we only received notice today of this maintenance, and thus couldn’t notify you sooner.  Thankfully, this interruption will be after hours for most people.  During this outage we will Tweet updates as we can get them, and you can see those updates here:  All mail will be queued during this outage, and will be delivered normally once the maintenance is complete.

From Amazon’s message to us:

One or more of your Amazon EC2 instances is scheduled for maintenance on 2017-06-16 for 2 hours starting at 2017-06-16 22:00:00 UTC UTC. During this time, the following instances in the us-east-1 region will be unavailable and then rebooted….
We perform maintenance regularly to ensure that the EC2 service continues uninterrupted for our customers. In most cases, maintenance can be performed without service interruption. When maintenance cannot be performed without service interruption, we work hard to keep any impact as brief as possible.