May 6, 2013
Niles Nerd

Restoring Large Amounts of Data from NerdsBackup

For those of us who backup large amounts of data to our NerdsBackup account it is sometimes necessary to restore all of this data or possibly a very large chunk of it.
This article was submitted by Emmet, our NerdsBackup Support Team Leader.
Large data restores are best done through your NerdsBackup account found at  Typically choosing to use Firefox or Chrome as your Internet Browser for downloading will allow for less interruptions when downloading data.  I typically find I have more issues with interrupted downloads when using Internet Explorer.
When downloading data it’s not a bad idea to break the download up into smaller chunks for download.  For example let’s say you need to download 16GB of data.  Breaking this into 4GB chunks will make the download more manageable.  Also, you don’t need to wait for a chunk of data to be prepared and then download it.  You can queue up several chunks at a time and then once they are prepared download them one at a time.
Screen Shot 20130506 at 9 - Nerds On Site
The preparation of the download does not need to be monitored.  It can be started and you can then log out of your NerdsBackup account and come back several hours later to download the prepared carts.  Carts are available for download for 48 hours and can be accessed in that time frame simply by logging into your account and then clicking on the download icon (see above screen shot, icon circled in red).
I would also highly recommend the use of a download manager so that if your download is interrupted it can continue from where you left off instead of starting from scratch.
DownThemAll! is an excellent Firefox download manager add-on and it’s free.  I have used it several times and it has never failed me even when downloading 20GB of data at a time.  It has many other excellent features as well such as the ability to prioritize and queue multiple downloads.

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