Reports of rogue ESET Smart Security malware

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There are reports of rogue malware disguised as ESET Smart Security.
According to the ESET article
“We have received reports of a rogue security software program disguised with a false ESET Smart Security image. This type of infiltration is known as scareware, which claims to be legitimate security software but is actually malware itself. ESET does not advertise security software by installing anything to your computer.”
This is why Nerds On Site recommends that you contact us to ensure your anti-virus software is legitimate and working properly. There are many types of malware that disguise themselves as security software in order to trick you into downloading their malicious software. In these cases, your computer is in fact infected by the fake security software.
If you suspect your computer is infected, You can contact a Nerd can install and run scans using legitimate anti-virus and anti-spyware software, and ensure all infections are removed. Going a step further we can do a System Cleanup to improve performance, or if necessary, backup your data and install a fresh copy of the operating system, depending on the severity of infection.

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