May 11, 2011
Niles Nerd

Replacing Joomla Template Footer

Unfortunately most Joomla templates have the footer information buried in some php code. But I’m going to show you the most common area you can find it. This is for relatively advanced users.
First step, make sure your template doesn’t let you edit the footer via a module position.
Second step, BACK UP YOUR SITE. Just incase you make a mistake at least you can fix it.
Third Step, Go into your FTP backend of your site

  • Double click the “httpdocs folder”
  • Double click the “templates folder”
  • Double click the name of your “template folder” ***the one you installed
  • Download and save the index.php page, or if there is a footer.php file download it
  • Hardcode your footer into this area with proper HTML

Hope this helps.