December 2, 2011
Niles Nerd

Quickbooks 2009 Support Ending January 31, 2012

- Nerds On Site [this post is inspired by James Perih, a Nerd in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada]
Quickbooks 2009 support is ending on January 31, 2012. If you have this version of Quickbooks, this is an ideal time to upgrade to the latest version, or create a plan to upgrade.
This also presents a good opportunity to consult with a Nerd to ensure that you upgrade to the edition that is right for you, as your needs may have changed, or there may be features that your business may benefit from that are not in all editions. Some factors may include usage, additional seats, or the need to perform data file or workstation upgrades to suit the latest program requirements.
If you are unsure as to what you should do, please give us a call!

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