December 17, 2011
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“Putting Out Fires” vs Preventative Maintenance

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Stop “putting out fires”, and consider taking a more pro-active approach with NerdCare!

Sometimes we start doing work for a business because they contact us looking to resolve issues that they are having. As we are performing the work, we notice other problems, and offer to resolve those as well. At which point we introduce our 3 N’s business model in hopes of proving pro-active support and preventative maintenance (NerdCare), as opposed to only acting when problems occur, or “putting out fires”.
In some cases, we are simply on-site to perform routine maintenance, or to check on things, not because something needs fixing. However, many employees are so accustomed to that sort of service from other providers, or their in-house I.T., that they naturally assume there’s a problem, and panic a little bit.
When we say “Don’t worry, there isn’t a problem, we’re just here to do some routine work and check on things. Everything is fine.”, they are pleasantly surprised!
That can often lead to the question: “Oh, since you’re here, can you look at something for me?” We’re happy to! On that note, we even take the “little things” seriously, because we know that they can be nagging frustrations, and something people deal with on a daily basis!

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image credit: Examples of what monitoring can do.

Little things can easily turn into big things, so it’s important to address them early.
Taking this approach, along with our ability to monitor the health of your computers, allows our team to stay on top of things 24/7, and most importantly, *saves you money*. Let us worry about your technology so you can focus on your business!
Stop wasting time, money, and energy “putting out fires”, and consider NerdCare!

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