August 20, 2012
Niles Nerd

Planning to Make Technology Changes This Fall? Nerds On Site Can Help!

As we come back from our vacations, or in some cases are nearing the home stretch of the busy season, it’s time to start planning those network upgrades and changes that have been talked about in meetings and in passing. Nerds On Site can help!
You may have an old router that could use an upgrade, allowing for faster speeds and better network performance and security. Is it connected to a UPS? It should be. Network equipment can be damaged by surges the same way workstations can. In addition, it can provide extra minutes of network and potentially internet uptime.
Is your server a few years old? Is it in a well-ventilated space? Is it keeping up with network demands? It’s important to address resource concerns like the CPU, memory, and hard drive space, even if a new server isn’t in the budget.
Does each workstation have a different antivirus on each machine? Are some systems incredibly slower than others? It’s important that each computer be assessed for potential or existing problems to prevent minor problems from becoming major problems later. Even minor problems are worth addressing, as staff must deal with them on a daily basis, affecting productivity.
Tired of seeing update messages on the screen for everything from Adobe Reader to Windows Update? We can take care of those, too, and make sure you and your staff don’t get nagged by them again.
We would love to implement a 30 day trial of our Network Monitoring software on your network and do a full Needs Assessment (FREE) to document everything and identify potential problems that you might not even be aware of. We can discuss our findings at the end of the trial period and create a plan to address the concerns.
Have time for a coffee? We would love to chat with you about your technology and how you use it! Give us a call today at 1-877-696-3737.

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Artile: Planning to Make Technology Changes This Fall? Nerds On Site Can Help!

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