February 27, 2013
Niles Nerd

Our First Dinner With the Nerds Was a Big Success!

HP Camera 061 - Nerds On Site Our Port Huron, Michigan Nerds held the first Dinner With the Nerds, and we can confidently say it was a big success! Despite a winter storm that lowered attendance, over 20 local business owners made it!
A few of our Nerds, including David Everrit, gave local business owners an idea of Who We Are, and What We Do, and answered many questions from those in attendance.
A couple of our founders, Charlie Regan and David Redekop, drove all the way from Canada to attend.
The Richmond Chamber of Commerce was a big help, as they advertised the event on their website and emailed local businesses. This event proves that we can never underestimate the power of small businesses’ desire for growth, and their interest in better understanding and utilizing their technology. All it takes is a company that cares enough to show them how.
Following the dinner, some of the business owners expressed interest in having work done by Nerds On Site. It is wonderful to see business owners’ lightbulb moments when they realize the potential of their technology and want to talk about having work and upgrades done in an effort to be make their businesses more proactive, reduce stress, and frustration, and increase profits.
Did you attend the event, or would you like to see something like it happen in your area? Please leave a comment below, on our Facebook page, or send us a tweet with your thoughts.
[Dave Borgne, a Nerd in Port Huron, Michigan contributed to this post.]

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Artile: Our First Dinner With the Nerds Was a Big Success!

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