January 4, 2013
Niles Nerd

New law accepts everyday activities

ID10079556 - Nerds On Site If you’re like most of us, copyright laws are never easy to understand for those of us outside the legal profession. This is why for these topics we turn to the experts who know. David Canton is a business lawyer and trade-mark agent with a practice focusing on technology issues and technology companies. Fortunately, David keeps a blog in what we call NormalSpeak, one that is understandable and digestible. On copyright in Canada specifically, here’s what he writes:

You’re no longer breaking the law when you use your PVR to record your favourite TV show for later viewing.
Teachers are no longer infringing copyright when they print publicly available materials from the Internet to share with students.
Comedians are no longer violating the Copyright Act when they create a parody of a topical song or movie.

The rest of his article is here.

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