December 2, 2010

New Dragonfly Community Foundation Children’s Home Sponsorship Program

After years of recruiting volunteers to help out at orphanages and sponsorship homes across Thailand, we’ve decided to continue supporting these partner projects through a sponsorship program. Most programs out there connect individual kids with individual sponsors in other countries, but in the case of children’s homes in Thailand, funding is needed for daily operations. Everything is shared equally amongst the children and youth, so we’ve been in talks with our partner projects to set up a new system to help with funding.
It’ll work like this. A sponsor will contact us and we’ll assign that person to a specific home. The next sponsor will contribute to the next home in the list, and when the list is full each home will get its second sponsor, then its third and so on. Funds will go directly into food, clothing, medicine and other health care, transportation and education costs at the home. We’ll ask sponsors to contribute monthly or annually, and because we’ll only be asking for a small amount (around 20 USD / month), we hope ultimately to be able to find dozens of sponsors for each home. Many hands make light work and these homes need communities of generous people to support them.
To find out more on how to become a sponsor or how to sponsor in someone else’s name as a Christmas gift, visit
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