November 15, 2010

NerdsBackup and Bomgar WHAT a TEAM

[this post from our NerdsBackup guru James Keenleyside-Richter]

I just finished up with a client trying to restore a database file. The client email [email protected] saying she was getting an error while trying to open the file. The database saves the file in Adobe, and cannot just be opened without the file in the software program folder.
I called the client and opened up a Bomgar session (remotely connected to her computer) with her and re-downloaded the file, and saved it to the desktop. We opened up the program and looked for the database folder. We found the file location, re-named the current file, and placed the restored file in the correct folder location.
The client then opened the program to check the data. Everything was there, and working as it should.
NerdsBackup works, and with Bomgar, Nerds can fix issues quicker when a client sends out a cry for help.

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Artile: NerdsBackup and Bomgar WHAT a TEAM

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