October 18, 2010

Nerds On Site Mail Settings

Over the past weekend we upgraded our mail systems. This was done as the next step in the road to a industry-leading mail system, with better reliability and uptime than any other mail system out there. Along the way, however, the road is not always perfectly smooth.
In the aftermath of this server upgrade, most clients are having no issues at all. However, a number of our clients have reported an inability to access their email, and an investigation has shown that the most common problem is invalid email settings. In an effort to share the correct settings with more of our clients, please note the following:
Incoming Mail Server: mail.nerdsisp.com
Outgoing Mail Server: mail.nerdsisp.com
Please note that these have been our default and recommended mail settings for a very long time, and these have not changed as part of the mail system upgrade. However, non-standard and non-supported mail servers will probably no longer work.