June 30, 2011
Niles Nerd

Mobile Devices Are an Increasing Security Risk

[this post is from Nerd Dennis Houseknecht]
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If it seems to you that malware is on the rise, you are quite correct.
If you think that mobile devices are not a target, you are quite mistaken. Here are a few of articles highlighting the security threats of mobile devices:
Fake AV for mobile platform detected
400% increase in Android malware
The progress of IT threats in 2010
26 trojanized apps pulled from Android Market
Auto-dialing Trojans migrate to Android devices
Android is the most vulnerable, because it is such an open platform. That said, there are sure to be attacks against other platforms at some point – even against the tightly-controlled Apple IOS

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Artile: Mobile Devices Are an Increasing Security Risk

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