Many of our Nerds around the world have had mobile websites created for themselves in recent weeks, making it easier than ever for our clients and people in our communities to quickly and easily get in touch with us and our worldwide team with a tap on their smartphone screens!
A huge thank you to our Development Team for their hard work!
Here is the complete list of our mobile websites (will be updated):  – Edmonton and Red Deer
Alistair.MyNerd.mobiJohannesburg and Region POD  – Kingston and Region POD Leader
Ben.MyNerd.mobiNova Scotia POD Leader
Casey.MyNerd.mobiEdmonton and area  – St. John’s and Region POD Leader
Christian.MyNerd.mobiQuebec  – Pretoria and Region POD  – Oakville/Hamilton/Burlington and Region POD Leader  – Ottawa and Region POD
David.MyNerd.mobiIndianapolis and Region POD
Fred.MyNerd.mobiOttawa and Region POD
Gabriel.MyNerd.mobiHalifax and Region POD
Glen.MyNerd.mobiCentral Ontario (Barrie) and Region POD Vancouver and Region POD
Gordon.MyNerd.mobiJohannesburg and Region POD  – Hamilton/Oakville/Burlington and Region POD Leader
Jamesp.MyNerd.mobiWinnipeg POD
Jan.MyNerd.mobiJohannesburg and Region POD
Jim.MyNerd.mobiLondon and Region POD
Jonathan.MyNerd.mobiHalifax and Region POD
Kent.MyNerd.mobiOakville/Hamilton/Burlington and Region POD
Matt.MyNerd.mobiEdmonton/Red Deer and Region POD
Mauricio.MyNerd.mobiHalifax and Region POD
Mike.MyNerd.mobiCalgary and Region POD Leader
Milos.MyNerd.mobiLondon and Region POD
Paul.MyNerd.mobiKingston and Region POD
Rich.MyNerd.mobiGreater Toronto Area East and Region POD Leader Oakville/Hamilton/Burlington and Region POD
Rob.MyNerd.mobiOakville/Hamilton/Burlington and Region POD Leader
Robin.MyNerd.mobiLondon and Region POD – Edmonton/Red Deer and Region POD Leader
Stephen.MyNerd.mobiWindsor/Essex and Region POD
Timothy.MyNerd.mobiLondon and Region POD
Tony.MyNerd.mobiOttawa and Region POD Leader
Wes.MyNerd.mobiOttawa and Region POD Leader


  1. Jason says:

    Interested in the branding and resources, looking mainly as a part time position in the Edmonton area. Would this be a good fit if my hours are restricted to weekends and weekday evenings?

  2. Kevin says:

    I have sent you an email with some information, Jason.

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