May 31, 2011
Niles Nerd

Internet Service Provider E-Mail Storage Space Issue

As anyone who uses web-based email provided by your Internet Provider knows, they don’t give you much storage space, and when it’s all used up, you suddenly can’t receive more messages until you delete some of it. In the meantime, anyone who attempts to send you email gets a ‘failed delivery’ notice. Many people don’t realize they have reached their storage limit. As far as they are concerned, their email accounts have stopped working, especially if they use Outlook Express or another program to connect to their accounts.
To resolve this, it is best to have your email client delete messages from the server after they are downloaded, or after a month or so. This way, you don’t risk such problems, and you have a local copy of your email. In fact, this method is preferred because off-site backup provider can automatically monitor the email client and backup that data.
The same can be said for Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail. Though they do offer more storage space, they have been known to have glitches, and even wipe out email accounts completely. Since tech support for these websites is practically non-existent, the possibility exists of losing that data forever.
Once again, having a computer-based program to download and manage your email, contacts, and calendar is a wise thing to do, and automated backup means you’ll always have one copy online, one copy locally, and one copy in the off-site backup.
If this sounds like something you would like, we can certainly set it up for you, either on-site or remotely.

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