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Internet Explorer 10 and 11: NerdsBackup Website Compatibility Issues

Both Internet Explorer 10 and 11 have compatibility issues with many websites.  The portal is just one of them.  Many of the features of the account portal do not work unless you enable the Compatibility View in Internet Explorer.
This article was written by Emmet, our NerdsBackup Support Team Leader.
In Internet Explorer 10 the solution is simple, enable the Compatibility View Button when visiting  In IE 10 the Compatibility View Button is conveniently located in the address bar of the browser.
Open Compatibility Settings
Unfortunately Microsoft decided to remove the Compatibility View Button from Internet Explorer 11.  Instead the “Compatibility View settings” is found under Tools (Alt+X), which appears as a cogwheel icon just under the Close X in the top right corner of the IE 11 window.  When visiting click Tools and from the menu select Compatibility View settings.  The Compatibility View Settings window will open.  Add and then click Close.
Alternatively you can use another internet browser.  Chrome and Firefox work just fine.
As always, if you have questions about NerdsBackup or need support please email [email protected].