September 16, 2010

I Know What I Know

[Thanks to Nerd Dian Smit, from Vancouver Island, Canada for this post]
Over the past week I have been in negotiations with a new client. This client came to me from his Uncle Jim, we know “Uncle Jim” as Nerd Jim Humphrey.
During an interview with a client, I was asked many questions about lots of their current technology. Some of the questions were about technology I had not heard of, or have very little knowledge of. So my answer would be something like; “I am not familiar with this. I will look it up, and get some solutions for you, and I will ask other Nerds if they are familiar with that product to assist with this.”
Just before the end of the first conversation, he said he liked it very much that I was honest about what I know and what I don’t know.
We proceeded to make an on-site appointment for me to meet with the owners and other managers to put a IT Action Plan in place. This is a big project and already there are 3 Nerds involved and as more technology is required, more advice will be needed from other Nerds.

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