November 19, 2012
Niles Nerd

How We Keep our Business Hosting Clients Safe

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Business hosting provides freedom from worry!

When you host your website with Nerds On Site Business Hosting, we take the security and safety of your website extremely seriously.  There are three main techniques that we employ to ensure that your site is not hacked.  All of these techniques are employed for our Business hosting clients, and in no particular order, they are:
Third-Party Malware Scanner
Our team employees a third-party service to ensure that your site is still clean and free of malware. This service checks our clients sites to ensure they have not been blacklisted (8 different lists are checked), that no malware is present and 7 other checks to ensure your site is clean.
Hack Detection
Our team has developed a proprietary scanning system that checks all our Business hosting client’s websites in near real-time.  Our scanning tool takes a cryptographic signature of every file in your website, and then checks each file constantly.  Any changes in your files immediately sends an alert to our team, which then manually inspects the changes to ensure that no malicious changes have been made.
Daily Defacement Detection
Every day, our team checks the home page of our Business hosting clients to ensure that they are operating the same as the previous day, and that they haven’t been altered in any malicious way.  This daily human check of your website provides a special level of ‘peace-of-mind’ for our clients, as we do not solely rely on computer algorithms to keep your site safe!

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