July 12, 2012
Niles Nerd

How to Protect Your Technology in a Heat Wave

Ola de calor

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We look forward to all of you having a great week thus far, despite the heat wave in some parts of Canada and the US. With that being said, it is important to protect our technology from the heat and ensure we have a plan. instead!
There are some questions to ask yourselves …
1. Does my computer have adequate ventilation, and has it been dusted out in recent months?
If you have a desktop computer, it is important to open the side of the case every few months and use a compressed can of air to blow out the dust, and ensure the fans are spinning, and that no capacitors are leaking (small round thin knobs on the motherboard). If you have a laptop, ensure the fans are running and that you have adequate airflow. A USB powered cooling pad is a profitable investment.
If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, or you just don’t have the time, a nerd can do this for you.
2. Do I have a data backup plan in place?
All technology will eventually fail, and we all want to avoid frenzied panic. It will never happen at a convenient time, and added stress from a heat wave can cause technology to fail. If your data backup plan consists of using a DVD, CD, or flash drive, chances are it hasn’t been backed up in weeks, if not months. Why? It’s tedious and nobody really wants to do it. Having an automated plan in place using an external hard drive and off-site backup is crucial!
A Nerd can be set up with a backup strategy that best suits his particular needs, one that is simple but effective.
3. How old is your computer?
Times are tough, and no one wants to spend money on new equipment until absolutely necessary. This, unfortunately, can lead to systems that are over 5 years old, but they are used literally every day which puts extra pressure on them, especially during heat waves as older hardware suffers from wear and tear. and it is not as efficient as the latest hardware. If the initial cost of new equipment is too much, Nerds On Site offers leasing options that are much more affordable. A new system will increase productivity and reduce user frustration.
4. Is your technology protected against power surges or power outages?
Any heat wave is always accompanied by an increase in the demand for energy for air conditioners and fans, and other devices. This can put a lot of added stress on the power grid, which can mean unexpected blackouts and power outages or power surges.
It is vitally important to protect your systems with a surge protector in the junction boxes, and a UPS for each workstation and server. These will protect against surges and smoothly shut down systems when suddenly leaving, and will also allow users to finish their work and save all the documents they are working on.
Nerds On Site can do a proper needs assessment to determine the need for added UPS units from the network, and install and test them to make sure they are working properly.

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