May 24, 2012
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How to Protect and Track Your Laptop if it Gets Stolen or Goes Missing

Thousands of laptops and mobile devices go missing or are stolen every year. That’s why it’s so important to keep current data backups and use secure passwords, but you can go a step further and use tracking software to locate your laptop, and do things like delete data, and find out who’s using it, and what they’re doing with it.
There are a few very effective solutions, including Prey, LoJack For Laptops, and Undercover.

Prey just happens to be open-source, and unless you need the features in the pro versions, it’s completely free! It’s lightweight, and gives you full remote access to your laptop around the clock. as noted in the video above, you can tell it to track what programs are being used, or even send a message remotely that will appear on-screen.
You will notice when you install Prey that you can’t find an way to open it or stop it from running. This is by design, because the first thing a thief will want to do shut it down. You can, however, access the controls remotely.

Absolute Software has a product called LoJack for Laptops, which is $39.99, and allows you to locate your laptop, delete data, lock it to prevent unwanted access, or recover your laptop by having Absolute help determine who has it, and alert local police.
Another product worth mentioning is Orbicule’s Undercover. It’s $49, but ONLY for the Mac and iOS. As noted on their website, it “aids in recovering a stolen Mac by transmitting its location, photos of the thief and screenshots revealing what he (or she) is up to.” It will also take screenshots and send them to you.
Undercover is also available for iOS.
“As soon as you set a message for [who finds your phone], the phone will ring and Undercover will display the alert on top of any application that might be running. When the finder views the message, Undercover will transmit your phone’s location.”
These are just a few of the programs available to help protect your mobile device or laptop. For help determining which one is right for you, contact us today!
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