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How One eNerd Ended 2009 with a Bang!

Feb 12, 2010
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Kevin O’Reilly, an eNerd with Nerds On Site in Brampton, Ontario Canada was preparing to go meet a client at 9 a.m. on the freezing –17˚C morning of the 29th of December 2009. Thinking “it sure would be nice to be sitting next to a warm fire on a day like today”
He went outside to start his diesel Volkswagen Beetle Nerdmobile, or as an eNerd may say “give it a COLD boot” but it would not start. So back inside Kevin went and gave his client a call to say he would be a little delayed, as he had to call for a boost.
Between 5-10 minutes later, Kevin heard a loud BANG! He went back outside and looked down the street to find out what the noise was, and saw nothing. Then all of a sudden, he could not believe his eyes… his Nerdmobile was engulfed in a cloud of black smoke and flames. Not exactly the warm fire to sit beside he had in mind!
Immediately he called 911. Then being the quick thinking eNerd he is, Kevin used his iPhone and took the action pictures you can see below, along with the “after” shots. Needless to say, the Nerdmobile was a write-off.
According to the Firemen and Kevin’s Mechanic, what happened is not a common occurance for diesel vehicles, yet known to happen, though not typically diesel cars.
Even though Kevin had removed the key from the ignition, there seems to have been a short still supplying power to the glow plugs (diesel’s don’t have spark plugs). When the diesel got hot enough to vaporize, it ignited setting the Nerdmobile aflame. The brunt of the damage was near the battery, or what was left of it! Talk about “firewire”!
Interestingly enough, the documents Kevin had on his front dashboard inside the Nerdmoblie at the time of the incident remained in tact and not even singed from the flames. Who knew even Nerdmobiles have such great “firewalls” to protect important documents!
After all the drama, Kevin called back his 9 a.m. client to let them know what happened, and that he would be further delayed, as he was waiting for the wreck to be towed, and a rental car delivered. At noon the rental car arrived and Kevin called his client once more to let them know he was on his way. When he finally made it to the client and showed them the pics, they asked him why he still came out to see them!
This goes to show how dedicated our Nerds On Site are and what a terrific example of an eNerd Kevin is. Just like that old saying, “Neither snow, nor rain, nor Nerdmobiles aflame, stays these Nerds On Site from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”!
Kevin is fortunate to not to have been injured from this event, his house did not catch fire, and everyone at Nerds On Site is VERY grateful for his safety. Kevin is also thankful to the members of his team who were very supportive during this emergency.
Kevin commented during the worldwide Team Meeting what a GREAT Team we have. “You know you work with a great group of people when they are there to help, know you are safe,
…then the ‘much needed humour’ began, even from the CEO and Founders, Kevin’s story was such a HOT topic!
Some of their comments were:
”Hey Kevin… you know there are better and less expensive ways to shovel your driveway, right?”
”I don’t think that is the recommended method of defrosting your windows.”
“We are very happy no one was hurt, but the question is… Where are the pictures of the firemen???”
“Kevin, you’re one HOT nerd all FIRED up for 2010 apparently! :)”
“AHHHhhhhhh…. well – just like u bud – ONE IN A MILLION!! de-branded – now THAT’s a goodun!!!”
Whether you’re another eNerd driving a diesel Volkswagen Beetle Nerdmobile, or anyone else for that matter who drives a diesel vehicle, keep this story in the back of your mind for when it gets really cold out.
Never in the past six years with Nerds On Site did Kevin have any serious problems with his 2000 or 2006 Volkswagen Beetle, and both cars had always been properly serviced by VW Canada. Kevin is now actively looking for another Volkswagen Beetle Nerdmobile, and diesel is still preferred.
Day by day, Nerds On Site is working to make itself a more enjoyable and effective partner of choice for traditional and emerging technology for You! We’re in constant and passionate pursuit of more pleasurable, productive and profitable ways to fully leverage computers and all that’s tied to ’em! We’re driven to become your PowerBrand of choice… and have FUN doing it! … even if our Nerdmobiles spontaneously combust!!!