January 1, 2009

How DO YOU manage all those passwords (securely)?

So many passwords and so little brain space! The stronger the passwords are, the more difficult they are to remember. Even when we use clever schemes to make strong passwords that we can remember, it becomes almost impossible to remember which password goes where. The end result – we end up re-using a few passwords for everything, which is just not good security.
I told you my dirty little secret about using a U3 drive yesterday. The biggest single reason I use it is for my RoboForm2Go. It’s not free (there is a free version, but it only remembers ten passwords), but it is a great password manager and form filler. It integrates with both IE and Firefox, includes a password generator, uses strong encryption with a master password (one is about the number of strong passwords I can remember), and the 2go version on a U3 drive allows me to use it on any computer without installing anything or leaving anything behind.
There are also versions for non-U3 USB drives, Blackberry, Palm, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. For an extra $10 you can get it pre-installed on a 256 MB USB drive.
What is YOUR favorite? Tell us what you use to manage passwords. Keepass? (free alternative for Windows users)? OnePassword (great for Mac uers)? There are several available for the Blackberry. TELL US YOUR SECRET!
Dennis H – August 15, 2008

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