March 17, 2010

Hosting NerdCare Assurance: Site Backups

Today, in our continuing series on our NerdCare Assurance packages, I would like to talk about backing up a website. Most businesses would be amazed to learn that their hosting provider does not backup their website, as there seems to be a prevailing belief that all hosting providers backup everything. Your hosting provider may even explicitly claim that they backup your website, but have you inquired as to what exactly they are backing up?
As part of all our Hosting NerdCare Assurance packages, Nerds On Site will backup everything related to your website, including all databases, email and web files. However, we go much further than this, and actually take a bare-metal backup of the server that you are hosted on. When a server goes down, due to hardware failure, hacking or any other reason, it can take days to rebuild and re-configure them. This is downtime that is extremely costly to your business. Our bare-metal backups allow us to simply replace and restore the server, while skipping all the other time-consuming steps others have to perform.
This level of support translates really resulting a protection of your image and brand, as well assuring the quickest possible response times and smallest amount of downtime. At the end of the day, Hosting NerdCare Assurance will have a direct effect on your bottom line, by ensuring that your website is up all the time!