March 23, 2010

Hosting NerdCare Assurance: Content Updates

In our continuing series on Hosting NerdCare Assurance, we want to mention an incredible feature of our Silver package. Monthly content updates allow your business to simply shift the responsibility and burden of updating your website to our team, freeing up you and your staff to work on other aspects of the business.
A regularly updated website receives a higher ranking with the search engines, and naturally attracts more traffic. Clients will only visit websites that present them with fresh information on a regular basis. While the responsibility for creating that content remains yours, our NerdCare package will mean that you no longer have to perform the work required to upload it to your website.
Our team can take your new information, such as new products, photos, contact details, team members, blog entries and much more, and upload it to your website on your behalf. Having a team perform this service for you results in you having more time to devote to the other aspects of your business. Now, when you create a new newspaper advertisement, you just have to provide it to our team, and it will be copied on your website as well.

This level of support translates really resulting a protection of your image and brand, as well assuring the quickest possible response times and smallest amount of downtime. At the end of the day, Hosting NerdCare Assurance will have a direct effect on your bottom line, by ensuring that your website is up all the time!