July 8, 2010

Why domain registrars matter to our hosting

A good question was recently posed by Twitter user, Keenan Wellar of Ottawa (@KeenanWellar), regarding our requirement for clients who host their domain with us to also transfer their domain name to our registrar. I would like to explain why this is the case.
Any customer who has their own domain, such as ABCcompany.com, can have as many as four different providers and are often frustrated because they don’t know whom to call when a question or issue arises. Confusion and irritation occur for the customer when the different providers point fingers at one another as to who’s responsible.
The (possible) four distinct providers involved as follows:

  1. Registrar – think of this company as the bank that holds your mortgage or lease – you pay them monthly or annually for your Internet “real estate”
  2. DNS services – just like a directory listing such as a phonebook, this is essential so computers know where to find your website and where to send your email to
  3. Web host – When you publish your website, this is where the files actually “live” and are served up to browsers that try to get to your website
  4. E-Mail host – Your e-mail host or provider is your company’s “post office” where you collect and send your email

Nerds On Site does not require that all of the above four are with us, but only the domain and DNS services. We point the WWW and MX records for many of our clients to other points of the globe.
Having been in IT, domain registrations and hosting for 14+ years, we recognize the challenges and obstacles customers face in the barrage of keeping up with the annual registrations, licenses, renewals and the like. At our customers’ request, they wanted to run their business with fewer of these headaches, and a single point of contact for everything.
In our past experience, the #1 reason for websites to go down or for email to stop functioning, is that clients forget to renew the domain. Since our policy changed to require migration to our registrar, this has not happened to a single client of ours.
Unlike the incident which happened this past May in Tennessee, USA, when the Bluff City Police Department had their domain name, emails and entire website taken over by an upset member of the community.
While web hosting company, GoDaddy, sent many notices to the Police Department informing them that their domain would soon expire and thus become available for anyone in the public to register and own, the Bluff City Police did not get the message and thus their domain expired, allowing disgruntled citizen, Brian McCary, to register it and setup his own website in opposition to the Department’s use of speed traps. 
For more on this story: click here
We, at Nerds On Site, recognize that these services appeal to our target client base (SMEs worldwide who do not want to be concerned about IT), but to the IT-savvy person may not be a fit. If you’re already technically inclined, I have two thoughts:

  1. How do we get you on our team? Seriously. Contact us.
  2. https://www.iwanttobeanerd.com

  3. You could get a cloud instance running on Amazon or Rack Space, keep your own registrar, and manage the entire website, DNS and email quite easily at almost the same cost, maybe even lower

So thank you for the question, twitter, and we hope this answers it for you. 🙂

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