January 7, 2011
Niles Nerd

Helping Clients Understand and Use Technology

I had an interesting on-site visit with a client today. He has been using an old 486 computer, but recently purchased a new Compaq computer because his new printer would not work with the 486. He got another company to transfer all the data to the new computer, but wasn’t satisfied with their service, and asked a friend, who referred me!
I happily did a New System Setup, got his printer working, and showed him how to view and edit his old Wordperfect files in OpenOffice, along with some basic Windows 7 training.
The client is nearing retirement age, and couldn’t care less about the internet (and doesn’t have it in his home). He doesn’t use email, and is happy with long distance to contact his family.
It’s a good thing I keep current copies of programs, as sometimes internet isn’t reliable or available, because there was no way I could download anything at his house without the internet. I used AutoPatcher to install the latest Windows 7 updates.
The biggest pain, of course, was removing all of the trial and preloaded software the client does not want or need.
He was ecstatic that I was able to do everything he wanted and was impressed with my skills! He appreciated that I didn’t push the need for internet, but we did discuss some of the benefits.
He said he will absolutely contact me in the near future for future Windows 7 training!

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