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[a post from Nerd Kevin Lloyd]
On almost every client service call we have had over the past year, we have installed Dropbox on their computers. It takes only moments to setup, it’s free, and once we explain the benefits, every client has expressed excitement about the service!
The concept of Dropbox is simple, and I always give a practical example to my clients. I have three computers, one of which is a laptop. I have Dropbox installed on each of them. Dropbox creates a folder, like any other, on each computer, and anything I put into that folder on each computer, appears on each of my other computers within minutes, automatically, providing there is an internet connection, or, as soon as there is one.
In addition, you can log into your Dropbox account on dropbox.com and access my files there as well.
The free version comes with 2GB free, and 50GB is only $10 a month. I have a couple of friends that use it reguarly praise how useful it is! In addition, you get 250MB free for each person you refer Dropbox to (using your referral link)
If you’re interested, check out their website!

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