April 30, 2010

Have their clients think of your computers as employees

Whit out computer

Sometimes it helps to be old enough to remember how things were done in “pre-historic” times BEFORE there were computers on every desktop. To get a little perspective on the value of technology, ask clients how many more employees they would need if they had NO computers in the office. Even in a small office, most businesses would need at LEAST one additional employee. In a larger office, that number would be much higher. The work done would also be more costly in terms of paper, travel time, etc……not to mention more error-prone. Much of what computers do could simply NEVER be done by humans at a reasonable cost.
Now ask your client what those employees would cost, in terms of salaries, benefits, and, well, the other “costs” of having additional employees. The cost of the computer and a NerdCare plan to keep it running smoothly starts to look incredibly affordable in this context. In addition, the headaches that occasionally arise with computers don’t seem quite so bad when you compare them to the headaches and complexities that come with their, er….human counterparts.
So ask the question: What would you have to pay humans to do all the things these computers do every day? $4,000, $6,000, $10,000 per month? Makes that NerdCare plan to keep those “digital employees” well fed and happy seem like a pretty good bargain.





Dennis H in West Virginia, US
April 30, 2010

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