February 16, 2010

Hack Detection and Prevention

Yesterday I posted a video exploring the possibility that a website could or would be hacked, and in it we presented some alarming statistics. At the end of the day, the general consensus is that nearly every website is at risk for getting hacked, and that it really is only a matter of time until your website is hacked. In fact, it is a vital part of your business strategy to assume that your site WILL get hacked, and to plan for that eventuality.
Of course, your first step is to have your website scanned for vulnerabilities, and to have as many of these eliminated as possible. Your greatest asset here is an experienced team of developers, which you can find in Nerds On Site, with our development team spread out between 9 countries, and containing experts in security and every type of web technology available. (Contact them for a free chat on your needs, [email protected].)
However, Nerds On Site goes way beyond what any other team or hosting company would dream of doing. We offer pro-active hacking detection. In protecting your physical inventory, you don’t wait until after your wharehouse is robbed to secure it, but you post guards and install security systems. Nerds On Site takes the same approach by scanning every single one of our clients for defacement activity every single business day. Imagine – a hosting company that will actively check your website’s homepage for you every day, and then will contact you with solutions if there is an issue.
The best news is that Nerds On Site offers even more thourough packages, with two levels of Nerd Care Assurance for our hosting clients. One of our features is a deep-level, file by file scan of your website every single hour of every single day, with cryptographical signatures of every file, so that our team will be immediately notified of even the tiniest change anywhere in your website.
In today’s business reality, where a competent website is vital to your business success, and the hacking of that same website is almost expected, isn’t it time you considered protecting your investment with Nerds On Site’s hack detection and prevention tools? Even more inviting may be the fact that our base defacement detection is absolutely free and included with every hosting account we sell!

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