January 26, 2011
Niles Nerd

Greater Income Opportunity With Self-Employment

[this post is from Nerd Anthony Berot]
Technology advances in recent years have changed the way traditional work is done and open up the possibility for greater income generation and personal achievements.
The job market is going back to a self-employment model. The option of working for a company for 40 to 50 years until retirement is now scarce if it exists. Companies today are lying off their experienced employees and hiring them back as consultants. At the same time, by embracing technology, skilled workers are resigning their employment positions to sell their skills to a wider market, including their former employer. This makes these job positions unavailable to someone else and is now a competitive target.
To compete, a major part of your career planning today, whether your start on a new career or retraining for one, should include the option of working for yourself. In fact it should be your number one choice if you’re trained or have skills gained from a hobby or part time occupation.
Let passion be your guide, if you’re passionate about your skills you will have a greater chance of earning a very good income from it.
I’m not discouraging you from seeking employment, because this can provide valuable experiences that you can use. However it is never too early to begin the training as an entrepreneur. As a parent we can begin to train our kids from an early age to practice entrepreneurial activities, leadership and financial activities.
Those seeking to start a business can gain valuable information from the internet: One of my favourite sites is www.work.com. The federal and provincial government sites also provide valuable information on starting and running a successful business.
Technology can help in other ways too, like provide a media for self-branding, marketing and communication. These are assets that you must manage to any business activity.
Because of technology, any business activity can make use of skilled workers anywhere in the world. I’ve seen businesses operating from their basement with employees remotely located handling sales and other activities by employing technology such as Digital PBX and Cloud Computing and operate at a fraction of the traditional cost of doing business.
Digital PBX (www.fibernetics.com) is a technology that can replace any company’s phone system for as little as 50% of the traditional cost. Cloud computing is using internet technology for applications such as collaboration, time tracking and employee scheduling which is important for managers and business owners.
Should you embark on this journey, you will not be alone; it is not too uncommon to find competition for any product or service no matter how unique you may think it is. It is therefore a valuable consideration to include personal branding as part of your business plan.
As we do less face to face business you can provide a personal touch to your business with writing blogs about your skills, having a personal profile online with Facebook (www.facebook.com), LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com) and other social media that are available. Twitter and Facebook are popular ways to toot your horn.
Personal branding can work for you even if you’re looking for employment. Be warned however that you should keep away from posting personal information. Anything you post online will be there forever and can be discovered. The wrong statements can hurt you later so don’t post personal experiences –  be discrete.
If you’re seeking to go the entrepreneurial route you may contact me for more information with an email to [email protected] or post a question online here https://www.thecaribbeancamera.com/scienceandtechnology.

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