October 19, 2010

Good News From the Newspaper

[this post comes from Adelaide, Australia Nerd Patrick Brown]

I don’t read the daily newspaper, but I flick through the weekend one now and again.
This page 9 story from a month ago, Good News, INSPIRING news.
Seems 40,000 Australians lost their Millionaire status during the GFC when the sharemarkets took a dive.
But since then Australia has been turning out 15 new millionaires A DAY during the past 2 years, that’s now more than 180,000 Aussies with a 7 figure personal fortune.
The story sites two reasons, property & ENTREPRENEURSHIP !!!
Tell me if this from the story rings a bell…
“…..take the rise of entrepreneurship, a global economy, throw in a dose of tenacity, calculated risk and a whole lot of fun, and becoming a millionaire is a playground now open to anyone”
Full Story: Millionaire club booming

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