November 6, 2012
Niles Nerd

Fill The Beetle to Feed The People – Food Banks are in need everywhere

At one of our most recent food bank support events in Vancouver, we had the following response from Safeway, the grocery store that partnered with us to donate over 500 pounds of food to the local foodbank:

Fill the Beetle to Feed the People – full trunk at Safeway in Burnaby BC

Gonzalo…..great work!!!! Thank you for sending the great photos and including Safeway in your efforts to assist the people in need in Burnaby BC! If you would like to consider doing this again, please do not hesitate to call. Every day you hear about Food Bank donations are greatly needed and how more and more are turning to Food Banks, thank you to you and your team for volunteering your time and assisting those in your community. At Safeway we call people like you “Everyday Heroes”! Sincerely, Mary D’Astolfo Public Affairs Manager

We (speaking on behalf of eNerds worldwide) are happy to support food banks everywhere we are – if we haven’t had one in your part of the world, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you do take us up on it, there’s very little your grocery store/chain needs to do except to give us permission to park at your main entrance and add posters like this one to your store. We look forward to continuing the partnerships with food stores everywhere to support the less fortunate.