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End of the Line for HTTP
by Niles Nerd

The online world is becoming increasingly unfriendly for non-HTTPS websites, and today Nerds Hosting is announcing that as of July 9, 2018, our hosting services will no longer serve non-https content.

What is HTTPS

The ‘S’ in HTTPS stands for secure, and this indicates that your website is being served to your end-client via an encrypted connection.  A website served over a proper, valid HTTPS connection will be accompanied in the browser by a padlock icon, reassuring the end-client that the content that they are viewing is encrypted and secured.  You can read more about HTTPS here.

Why Should I Care?

http encrypted increase

You may have a website that only contains simple information, or perhaps you don’t collect sensitive information, or just don’t understand why you should bother caring if your website is encrypted, but the fact is that the world is simply moving in that direction.  Many of the big players on the Internet have now decided that HTTPS is the only way to go moving forward, and they are using their weight and influence to push us all in that direction.  For example, starting July 1 of 2018, the Google Chrome browser will automatically mark all websites that are not using HTTPS as a unsafe website.  If your website is not using HTTPS, then your clients will be met with a very scary, fully screen warning that your website ‘may’ be trying to steal their data.  Even if not true, this will very likely scare off a lot of business.

What is Nerds Changing?

Nerds Hosting is going to phase out the serving of non-HTTPS content over the next 3 months, with the following timetable:

  • June 11, 2018: We will be turning on a redirect service that will redirect all non-HTTPS traffic to our client’s websites to a HTTPS version of those sites.
  • July 9, 2018: We will be turning off HTTP access to our servers, and only allowing HTTPS access.

What Do I Need To Do?

In the case of many websites, no action is necessary.  For most sites on our hosting service this change will be seamless and transparent to you.  If, however, you run a WordPress website on our service, you will need to update your site to be compatible with SSL mode.  If you turn on our free Managed WordPress Mode, this will all be seamlessly handled for you.  You should make a note in your calendar to test your website on June 12 and again on July 10, just to make sure everything went smoothly for you.

How Can I Ask More Questions?

You can contact your primary Nerd if you have more questions, or you can open a support ticket directly to the Nerds Hosting Support Team:


Nerds Hosting is making a big change for the betterment of our clients, a change that will contribute the overall security of the Internet, and one that we expect to be largely transparent to all our clients.  We’ve been preparing for this in small stages since 2016 now, and believe all things should go smoothly!

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