November 18, 2015
Niles Nerd

Encryption Backdoor Myth

Just when the tide was turning in the US towards allowing encryption, Paris happened.
There is undeniable heavy emotion around attacks on human life of any kind, and that is the danger when it comes to the shaping of public opinion and policy.
It was quite predictable that this event would take no time at all to put blame on Snowden, and would encourage new white papers around back-dooring encryption:

Here’s the thing: The math has been made public. You cannot retract the know-how of good, unbreakable cryptography. No so-called “backdoors”, and certainly no public policy will ever prevent the bad guys from using encryption. Such a public policy, while eroding remaining privacy and civil liberties, will achieve absolutely no protection from future secretly co-ordinated attacks of this nature.
Steve Gibson published a fantastic podcast on this topic (this link starts at 1:26:05 where he begins this topic):

And here are his show notes for reference:

Help spread the word to politicians and non-politicians alike so that further civil liberties in the area of privacy and security aren’t lost. Let me leave you with this quote:

Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one. –Benjamin Franklin

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