October 8, 2012
Niles Nerd

Email Archiving, Compliance and Retention with Webmail Systems

Archiving - Nerds On Site Like many email platforms, we offer a webmail interface to our clients for temporary access to their email while on the road.  We do not recommend that a client uses our webmail system as their primary email tool as it isn’t designed for long-term mail storage, nor is it as quick as a proper mail client, such as Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail.
One of the primary shortcomings to a webmail system is that it automatically deletes email that is in the ‘Deleted Items’ and the ‘Sent Items’ folder after 30 days.  This is default behaviour, and is common across many different webmail systems.  Today, many businesses need to comply with different compliance and audit rules such as Sarbanes-Oxley, FRCP, and HIPAA, write-verification to ensure message integrity and authenticity, online search, retrieval, monitoring and audit tools, dual encryption, and more.  Our webmail system does not offer any of these features by default, but we do have tools and services offerings for clients that do want these features, such as AppRiver or Google Apps.
The auto-clean settings in our webmail system can be modified by a client if they wish (simply access the ‘Settings’ tab in your webmail) but please be warned that this doesn’t constitute a proper archiving system even if you turn off auto-clean.  Contact our team today to learn how we can provide proper archiving and compliance solutions for your business!

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