August 16, 2010

Don’t Click On Free Spyware Scan Pop-Ups

A big trend in the virus and spyware industry in recent months has been seemingly trustworthy ads for free spyware and virus removal that is in fact malware itself. Trouble is, it looks legitimate to those that don’t know any better, and when the software is downloaded and installed, it ends up finding a lot of critical infections and offers to remove them…for a price. This is what is known as rogue software, and chances are if you’re paid for it, you’re out that money and should consider canceling your credit card.
If the software doesn’t sound familiar, don’t download it, or at the very least, do a quick Google search and find out if it’s legitimate or not.
In a lot of cases, the rogue software won’t show up in the installed programs list in the Control Panel, and often takes anti-malware software like Malware Bytes or Super AntiSpyware to remove it, which can be a huge pain, especially if it can only remove the malicious software in Safe Mode.
So why do websites have ads for malicious software? Well, in a lot of cases, they may not be even aware of it. The websites may be partnered with advertising providers that have their own partners, who may not all be legitimate, and are simply displaying ads based on keywords on a web page.
In the end, it really comes down to the website visitor to be alert and investigate what software is safe to use and what isn’t. If you aren’t sure, do a quick Google search, or ask a Nerd!

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