October 18, 2010

Doing What We Can To Our Carbon Footprint

Many hosting companies, including Nerds On Site, are taking their environment impact seriously. By hosting with such companies, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that the server your website is on will have little no to negative impact on the environment.
When you go to a website, it downloads to your computer, and communicates with a server somewhere in the world to give you the information you’re looking for. That server is likely located in a Data Centre along with hundreds or thousands of other servers, which have an effect on the environment during daily use.
More websites are being created and accessed on a daily basis. As such, there is more demand on Data Centres, which have forced the companies operating them to seriously consider environment effects.
Considerations include the hardware and software used to run the servers, and making sure they are designed to run to limit environmental impact, limiting how much power is used, and making sure the hardware is utilized efficiently.
If a company has old servers or software in their Data Centre, they are increasing their environmental impact, costs, and hardware isn’t being utilized to an advantage, which has an effect on the performance of clients’ website experiences, and reliability due to not using modern technology.
By making such efforts to optimize hardware and software with the environment in mind, web hosts can lower costs and limit their carbon footprint. The savings of which will be passed on to clients.
Don’t be shy about asking your web host what they are doing to minimize their data centre’s effects on the environment. By making such investments, they can save on operating costs, and will be part a growing trend in the industry that is reducing technology’s harm on our planet.
By making the choice to only host with a company that considers their environment impact, you are helping to send a clear message to them and to the industry that it is vital to their business and to the planet to reduce their carbon footprint.
There are numerous ways web hosts can invest in greener technology, and it is important that customers encourage them to do so.

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