October 12, 2010

Does Your I.T. Support Team Give You Peace of Mind?

When you have a Nerd that takes care of your technology, not only do you have the peace of mind that your technology is being looked after, and that your Nerd has the global resources and knowledge of a worldwide team, but if your Nerd is ill, or on vacation, you know that our focus on your company’s technology remains unchanged.
Every Nerd has a Backup Nerd(s), who are available to help on-site or remotely when your Primary Nerd is not.
This comes from our Nerd, Ben Wiper, in Chester, Nova Scotia:
“Wow, going on vacation as a Nerd sure is way EASIER and more RELAXING knowing that I have RemoteNerds available to assist my NerdCare Assurance Plan clients while I’m away.
I’ve negotiated a rate for guaranteed response time and rates for delivery of services from the RemoteNerd team to my entire list of NerdCare clients while I’m in Jamaica next week on vacation. It sure is a relief knowing that my clients will be in excellent hands while I am away. Adding access to the RemoteNerd team is an excellent value add or upselling option for all your NerdCare clients!”
Does your I.T. support team provide that level of service? If not, you should consider having a meeting with us!

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