April 12, 2013
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David Everitt Talks Job Growth, Community, and Business Technology in Port Huron

davideveritt - Nerds On Site Recently, The Times Herald did a feature story on David Everitt, a Nerd living and working in Port Huron, Michigan. They discussed Nerds On Site’s commitment to job growth, community, prosperity in St. Clair County, and our belief that businesses can leverage technology.
“Everitt is an independent contractor with Nerds On Site and provides information technology services for companies in and around Port Huron and St. Clair County,” the article describes. “Driving between jobs in a bright red Volkswagen, he sees a lot of the area — and he likes what he sees.
I think the downtown is making a comeback,” Everitt said. “We have a lot of great restaurants, which is a good start.”
“Port Huron’s location, where Lake Huron enters the St. Clair River, is a natural advantage, he said. “Those natural resources lend themselves to our younger generation wanting to stay here for the same reasons I did. The community needs to leverage tourism a bit more and, with my background in technology, I think we have to leverage a lot more on the tech side to bring in those jobs in this area.”
As an independent contractor, he often finds ways, along with the local team, to give back to the community through local fundraisers like the annual March of Dimes Jail and Bail, of which Nerds On Site is a major sponsor. Everitt also finds the time to play trumpet in several local brass bands, including the Salvation Army Brass Band.
“I have my own business here, so as I have been promoting my business, I am big into giving back to the community through charities,” he said.
In addition, Everitt and his team often hold “Fill the Beetle to Feed the People” events to collect food and money for the local Food Bank. In fact, many Nerds On Site teams hold Fill The Beetle events!
To read the full article, check out the Times Herald website.

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