November 12, 2010

Confused? Ask a Nerd!

[this post from Toronto Nerd Anthony Berot]
Digital technology is a reality in every aspect of our lives, at home at play and at work. In some applications we cannot control how it affects our daily routine; we just hope that it works. In others however we can manage its impact with knowledge, education and good advice.
The value of sound knowledge and advice cannot be overstated. Consider the implication of not using the right technology for your home or business; for example not performing proper and regular maintenance practices with our computers or smartphones can lead to unreliable performance and usage when we really need it. After all we do take our car in for maintenance on a regular basis so that it performs well and is available for our use. Our computers and other digital technologies should be cared for as well.
A major part of technology for home and business use is the computer system. There are a lot of different types of systems on the market but my focus will be to give general knowledge for you to make right choice or under the choices made for you buy your consultant.
When purchasing or reviewing your computer system for home or business, especially for your business, sound consultation will save you a lot of money. I will advise that you select an experienced consultant, one who is working as an IT provider and has experience providing solutions in your industry as well as others. A consultant of this calibre will be able to give you the best advice based on experience. This rule applies to homes users as well.
I’m a nerd, (smile) with Nerds On Site which is a worldwide team of technology service provides. We are commonly known as eNerds as in Entrepreneur Nerds. We have a wide range of expertise in providing solution to everyone from home to SOHO and SME business users. In subsequent articles I will be writing on different areas of technology that will be beneficial to you and with the support of my worldwide team of eNerds at Nerds On Site we will be able to provide you with real solutions. Please submit your questions to [email protected] This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Your questions along with the answer will be published either in the newspaper, or on the website at