September 24, 2010

Client of the Week: North Bay & District Canadian Club

This is a story of a national movement of Canadians, working for over a century to educate and inform fellow Canadians across the nation and around the world. It all started with a resolution passed at a public meeting in Hamilton, Ontario in February 1893, led by a young Canadian, Mr. Charles R. McCullough.
The founders of the Canadian Club envisioned the movement as becoming national. However, it was not until 1897 that Mr. Sanford Evans organized a second Canadian Club in the City of Toronto. The next surviving Canadian Club to be formed was in Ottawa in 1903. By the end of 1907, nearly 30 Canadian Clubs had been organized from coast to coast, including two Women’s Canadian Clubs in Montreal and Winnipeg. The North Bay & District Canadian Club was formed in 1908. The movement was now underway.
In the 21st century, Canadian Clubs continue to make history, and are committed to preserve and protect our precious heritage. Nerds On Site is proud to host this great Canadian organization! You can visit their website at

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