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Share your iPad or iPhone screen to your TV

Most of us have little screens and big (or bigger) screens. We may have great pictures and videos to share in a business meeting or at home, but showing a group of people some pictures on your little smartphone screen doesn’t have nearly the impact it could have! This is where Airplay comes in handy! […]

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Our First "Tech Soup with the Nerds" Lunch & Learn Seminar Was a Success!

Our Port Huron, Michigan Nerds held their first “Tech Soup with the Nerds” Lunch & Learn Seminar in partnership with the Port Huron/Blue Water Area Chamber of Commerce! It was sold out and went very well!

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5 Reasons to use Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring of your IT equipment is a simple and intelligent way to ensure the fundamental operations of your business is in good health. Services like your website, email, important servers for applications, your Internet connection, etc. Here are just five reasons you and your business will benefit from remote monitoring: Peace of Mind just […]


Why NerdBox with ClearOS

Our NerdBox is the Nerds On Site appliance that suits a typical SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) of any sector as a behind-the-scenes technology that facilitates core essential services that every SME needs. IT administrators who have been through historical IT infrastructure cycles, sometimes tend to have comfort in the old way of doing IT. […]

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