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What Is Smishing (And How To Protect Yourself)

Smishing is a new form of phishing that uses text messaging instead of email. It’s a growing problem worldwide, happening over 30 million times per day! Smishing scammers try to trick you into giving personal information by pretending to be a trusted person or business. They might ask for your name, email address, credit card […]

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6 Common IT Problems All Small Businesses Face (And How To Fix Them)

IT struggles are a very real (and very frustrating) problem for many businesses. But, good news: many of these problems can be resolved relatively easily if you know what to look for. Check out 6 of the most common computer and IT issues every small business faces and what you can do to fix them […]

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Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Apr 24, 2013
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In honor of Administrative Professionals Day, we’d like to take a moment and send out a big THANK YOU to the administrative professionals out there who keep our businesses running smoothly

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Leduc Chamber Business Expo 2013

The Leduc Chamber is holding a Business Expo next week only Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Many businesses will have booths, which will make for an excellent networking opportunity, and many fun activities will be available for families to enjoy!

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Etiquette You Need to Consider When Having Online Meetings

These days, we often attend online meetings, whether it be on Skype, Mumble, GoToMeeting, or otherwise. While we enjoy the convenience, we are painfully aware of certain online meeting etiquette that others don’t seem to be aware of, and it affects the quality of the meeting for everyone else.

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Why Should Your Business Have a Needs Assessment Done?

For us Nerds, the reasons for a Needs Assessment seem almost self evident: the client is not entirely happy with their technology situation and is seeking guidance. I have a client who is contemplating merging part of their infrastructure with one or two other organizations. This client sees the value in doing a Needs Assessment […]

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Networking and Social Media at the Sip Social Event in Edmonton!

I had the opportunity to attend the Sip Social networking event, titled “Brand Like a Rock Star!”, in Edmonton on January 31st at the River Cree Casino in Edmonton! Over 100 business owners were there, eager to talk about how they can better utilize Social Media in their businesses, and of course to meet one […]

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The anatomy of a targeted email account hack

“OMG! My email is hacked!” This is a true account of an email hack we’ve just witnessed and helped a client through. It all started with one of our client’s bank account manager calling our client (will call him Bob in this email): Bank: Bob, Happy New Year! We have received an email from your […]


This Week in Enterprise Tech Does Its First Q&A Episode!

The enterprise tech-focused weekly podcast This Week in Enterprise Tech had it’s first question and answer episode this week, and it was absolutely fascinating, as they dedicated the entire podcast to answering listeners/viewers’ burning questions about business technology.

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How-to Video on Securing Facebook

Facebook’s active-user count is rapidly approaching one billion. The world’s largest social network, which has long been a popular target and platform for attackers, will only become a more relevant outlet for scams and other fraud as it continues to grow. While the target grows, so too does the need to secure our accounts. Kaspersky […]

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