The Best 3 Ways To Backup Your Data

Data loss is inevitable. Hard drives will fail, it’s just a matter of when. That’s not meant to instill fear in the hearts of many, but rather serve as a reminder that having relia…

How to Create a Basic Business Disaster Recovery Plan in 4 Steps
Nerds On Site

Loss of data is a common problem for businesses. Fortunately, it’s a problem that can easily be avoided with the correct preparation. While devastating amounts of data can be lost during…

NerdsBackup and Bomgar WHAT a TEAM

I called the client and opened up a Bomgar session (remotely connected to her computer) with her and re-downloaded the file, and saved it to the desktop. We opened up the program and looked fo…

An Excellent Testimonial From A Nerds Backup Client

I remember the day that I spoke to my Nerds On Site Technician about my forgetfulness in backing up my information on my laptop. He told me about one of his clients that had recently registere…

Niles the Nerd at the London (Canada) Dragonboat Race

It seems that our friend (mascot) Niles the Nerd was having a great time at the London, Ontario Dragonboat Race today!