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Ottawa Commercial Painters

Take a look at this site we’ve done a couple months back we forgot to share – Ottawa Commercial Painters. Client approached us because they had very low SEO value on their site and…

Tired of password breaches yet? 5 steps to Peace of Mind
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With the most recent password breach at Yahoo barely a month since the LinkedIn password leak, it seems a regular occurrence now – is there anyone left who has NOT had a username/passwor…

Check if your Internet access will work on Monday
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As in our interview this morning on AM1290 CJBK, listeners are interested in finding out if they have an infection of malware called DNSChanger. Click this link below if you are interested in …

Guard your home and work from adult content and malware
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Parents and Small Business Owners: if you want to protect the people you love and are responsible for from accidental (or purposeful) visits to questionable content or malicious websites that …

The Power of Our Team Results in A National Contract
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Last month, one of the Nerds On Site founders, David Redekop, made a trip out to Lethbridge and during his trip, The Lethbridge Team got a call from a large Lethbridge-based company called Var…

Big Bike Pace Cars for Fun and Charity

Our very own Nerds On Site team of pace cars, led by our supernerd Blair De Abreu for the third second year, supported the Big Bike tours. If you’re new to Big Bike and its cause, they a…

An Open Letter to Apple
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Like many people, I followed Apple’s WWDC conference on Monday quite closely, waiting and watching to hear about the latest upgrades to Apple’s hardware and software lines. ¬†While …

How To Best Use and Share Apple IDs across iPhones, iPads and iPods

By far the most common question I get now is “Which AppleID account do I use?” Have you ever paid for an app twice because your accounts are not the same on your iPhone as they are…

What Can WiFi Do for Your Municipality?

WiFi in a municipality opens the doors to many possibilities, especially if you wish to revitalize your downtown or a section of your city and make it more inviting to would-be visitors or residents.