Do you have one of the 80 million unsecured routers?
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In the midst of all the security alerts you and we receive on a regular basis, this one stands out and you can and should take immediate action. Router manufacturers whose products are affecte…

Peekaboo I See You – how to privatize your Internet cameras
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Here is a map of Trendnet Webcams that were/are publicly viewable by anyone in the world with an Internet connection. Hopefully yours isn’t among them! While this story became very publi…

The anatomy of a targeted email account hack
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“OMG! My email is hacked!” This is a true account of an email hack we’ve just witnessed and helped a client through. It all started with one of our client’s bank accoun…

Are your smartphone kids outsmarting you?
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If you’re one of the parents that has provided yours kids with a first or new smartphone during the holidays, you may also feel that you have no tools to protect them from inappropriate …

Traditional IT steals a page from the Cloud playbook
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Not quite ready to put your business in the cloud?  Perhaps you can still reap the benefits! There are a number of compelling reasons to look to the cloud (internet-based tools and software) w…

Our First "Tech Soup with the Nerds" Lunch & Learn Seminar Was a Success!
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Our Port Huron, Michigan Nerds held their first “Tech Soup with the Nerds” Lunch & Learn Seminar in partnership with the Port Huron/Blue Water Area Chamber of Commerce! It was…

Our Wolfville Fill the Beetle to Feed the People Was a Big Success!
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We successfully filled all three Beetles (NerdMobiles) with food donations and delivered to the local food bank (Wolfville Food Bank)! The Wolfville Food Bank wrote a thank you letter to us Ne…

Fill The Beetle to Feed the People on Dec 1st 2012 in Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Fill the Beetle to Feed the People

Please join our Nova Scotia team on December 1st at the SaveEasy in Wolfville

We Respect You, Your Data, and Your Privacy
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I was at a client site earlier today (home user). His hard drive is failing, so I let him know I would need to get one, and come back. He asked me to take his desktop computer with me and work…