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Twist App – Let People Know When You Will Arrive

Have you ever felt guilty for leaving loved ones or colleagues waiting for you? Or do you find it difficult to estimate your time of arrival? Twist to the rescue, available for both Android and iPhone.

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March of Dimes Jail and Bail 2013 in Port Huron Was a Success!

The 57th annual March of Dimes ‘Jail & Bail’ in Port Huron, Michigan was a success! Like previous years, the Port Huron team arranged for Nerds On Site to take care of the LIVE web-streaming of the event at is also broadcast live on TV), which meant people could watch online via their computer, […]

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NerdChooser app for Android and iPhone to get help quickly

Sometimes it’s the effort of finding someone to help you out at your location and timing that is the most challenging. Now there’s an app for that. We expect that our new NerdChooser app will at least make it easy for you to get in touch with the nerd closest to you, no matter where […]

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Easily Contact Your Nerd With a Couple of Taps on Your iPhone!

Hello everyone! We wanted to take a moment and show you a very cool feature of the mobile websites that many of our Nerds have, allowing clients to easily get a hold of us when they need us!

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Always looking for more nerds

Yes, we are always looking for more nerds on our team! Do you know someone who loves technology? Someone who is a learner and enjoys taking on a challenge? Someone who has a passion to use technology as a tool to help small and medium enterprises grow? Someone who lives in Canada, USA, Mexico, Bolivia, […]

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Do you have one of the 80 million unsecured routers?

In the midst of all the security alerts you and we receive on a regular basis, this one stands out and you can and should take immediate action. Router manufacturers whose products are affected by the UPnP vulnerabilities include Cisco-owned Linksys, Netgear, Belkin and D-Link, as well as many others. As is reported all over […]

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Peekaboo I See You – how to privatize your Internet cameras

Here is a map of Trendnet Webcams that were/are publicly viewable by anyone in the world with an Internet connection. Hopefully yours isn’t among them! While this story became very public and it’s about the Trendnet Internet cameras specifically, they are not the only brand of products affected. Any and all devices that can be […]

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The anatomy of a targeted email account hack

“OMG! My email is hacked!” This is a true account of an email hack we’ve just witnessed and helped a client through. It all started with one of our client’s bank account manager calling our client (will call him Bob in this email): Bank: Bob, Happy New Year! We have received an email from your […]


Are your smartphone kids outsmarting you?

Dec 28, 2012
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If you’re one of the parents that has provided yours kids with a first or new smartphone during the holidays, you may also feel that you have no tools to protect them from inappropriate or accidental usage or even unexpected costs. The good news is that you do have options. It’s worth mentioning that if […]


Traditional IT steals a page from the Cloud playbook

Dec 21, 2012
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Not quite ready to put your business in the cloud?  Perhaps you can still reap the benefits! There are a number of compelling reasons to look to the cloud (internet-based tools and software) when your company is in need of particular solution.  Two big ones: flexibility – when you don’t need them anymore, or they […]

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